Annoying wedding trends to ditch in 2016

Annoying wedding trends to ditch in 2016A wedding is, for the most part, one of the biggest milestones in someone’s life. They’re swearing loyalty and fidelity to another person for as long as they both live, and that’s not something we take lightly. Understandably, a lot of time and effort go into preparing for a wedding.

However, despite all the planning that goes into a wedding, we’ve all been to at least one that made us roll our eyes more times than we’d care to admit.

Here are three wedding trends we need to bury under that musty bridal carpet:


  1. Tossing the bride’s garter.


We all know about the bouquet toss. The bride turns her back on all the single women she invited to her wedding. She throws her bouquet over her head and whoever catches it gets the honor of being told that she’s next in line to get married.


The male counterpart of it is the garter toss. The groom removes his new wife’s garter, so conveniently hidden underneath her gown. He then does pretty much the same thing the bride did with the bouquet, except he tosses it to the bachelors.


This is all fine and dandy, except most weddings have free alcohol and everyone’s pretty much buzzed when the flowers and garter are tossed. Alcohol-filled men getting an excuse to slip a garter up a woman’s leg under her dress? Sounds like sexual harassment drama waiting to happen between the newlyweds’ friends and family.


  1. Wedding pictorials at destination weddings.


There are so many beautiful locations in the world. Even in our own backyard, we have amazing gardens, breathtaking resorts, and pristine beaches an hour away from the city. They’re all admittedly beautiful venues with so many areas where you can take pictures.


But when your guests are already ready and they’re still waiting for you to finish your wedding photoshoot before the wedding even begins, they’re bound to complain about the time they could have used doing something else more productive.


Granted, destination wedding truly are beautiful. If you insist on getting people to drive an hour or so to attend your wedding, at least be considerate enough to finish your wedding photos before they arrive. It’s your day, but don’t be a diva about it.


  1. Singles tables. Period.


When it comes to weddings, singles have traditionally been allotted their own table. Brides, who usually have dominion over the seating arrangement, try to bring all singles together at one table as a way to get them to mingle. The gesture is noble at best, but the problem is that it really just makes everything awkward for everyone.


No one is going to want to talk to some stranger they just saw at your wedding. While everyone else is enjoying the festivities, they’re going to have to deal with the awkward silence of a table of eight to ten people who feel just as awkward.


Nothing’s wrong with letting couples and singles mingle at the same table. Singles probably are ready to mingle, but let them mingle when they’re ready.



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