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Can You Believe These 10 Ways To Get Your Man to Propose Quickly?

Can You Believe These 10 Ways To Get Your Man to Propose Quickly?Let’s admit it, guys tend to be really dense sometimes, and is more likely to cling on to their youth to avoid commitments. But we love them anyway, here are 10 tips to get him to pop the question:

  1. Make sure that he’s ready.

Being ready doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s not ready to be with you for the rest of his life. It just means that you need to make sure that he’s at that time in his life where he’s settled in all aspects of it. Most people tend to set aside having a family in order to put his/her needs first and to achieve his/her goals first. It’s not a bad thing, maybe he wants to work hard for now so he could be able to provide a future for both of you when you finally get together. Security is important to people, men most especially. They want to make sure they’re not vowing anything they wouldn’t be able to pull through with. Be patient.

  1. Make sure he wants to be committed

Now this is the part where you consider if he wants to be with you for the rest of his life. He may want to be with you now, but would he want to be with you and only you forever? It’s important to know if you’re getting somewhere with someone, and if that somewhere is the same place you want to be. If he’s not sure if he wants to be committed, even with you, then I don’t think he’ll put a ring on that finger any time soon.

  1. Make sure that he sees his future with you.

A follow up to number 2, you must absolutely be sure he still wants to be with you years from now before you even try an attempt at making him propose to you.

  1. Know what he thinks of marriage.

Still linked to previous numbers, try to know what he really thinks of marriage. Try to get his point of view on the matter. Is his view on marriage tainted? Is he the least bit cynical about it? Does he like the idea of marriage?

  1. Casually bring up marriage.

Be casual about this one. This is usually a red flag for guys when the M-word is mentioned. Linked to number 4, casually ask his opinions and mind his reactions. Ask him if he would deem this as probable, or if it would be likely that he would want to get married. Again, do this casually and tread lightly.

  1. Mention your future together.

Does he have plans for you guys in the future? Different from number 3, on this stage you ask for the specifics. Does he want to buy a house with you? Have children with you? Does he intend to retire with you somewhere in the tropics or in a cabin somewhere?

  1. Be direct. Address issues and talk about aforementioned views.

This is where you kind of press the issue a little bit. Pressing in a way that doesn’t put that much pressure. Be open with him on your opinions and what you want to happen. You obviously want this to happen, that’s why you’re here, address that and try to make him understand your point of view on the matter.


  1. Don’t pressure him by giving ultimatums.

I could think of nothing worse than giving a guy an ultimatum or threatening him to end a relationship just because he won’t do what you want him to. Things like these he should genuinely want because even if he does give in to your petulant request, the nagging effect of this on you would rise. You will be left to wonder the sincerity in his proposal and if he actually wanted to do this or if he was just forced to.

  1. Don’t pressure him in general.

Again, think about the consequences of forcing him. Forcing him to tie the knot as soon as possible wouldn’t be sincere and would come back to haunt you in the long run.

  1. Be patient but don’t be desperate.

The key to this stage in the relationship is patience. It is a heavy burden women have to carry on waiting for the big question, but it is more or less worth it in the end. The alternative, sadly, is that if you at any time in this process feel or see that he may never want to marry you, know when to walk away if he can never want the same end goal.

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