Frequently Asked Questions when planning a wedding

Frequently Asked Questions when planning a weddingThere’s a common misconception that brides-to-be all across the world grow up planning their dream weddings in their heads. By the time that man goes down on one knee, practically all he has to do is sign off on the budget and it’s all set! As humorous (and convenient) that idea may be it’s very far from the truth. Many couples, especially the young ones, don’t have a clue on how to go about planning a wedding. Since many presume that it’s something girls already know how to do, some brides may get a little too shy to ask what may seem like questions with obvious answers.


This shouldn’t be the case, however if it is then don’t worry about it. We’ve got you covered. We’re addressing a few basic questions in your head that will hopefully start your journey to the perfect wedding.


Who do we tell about the engagement first?


Out of courtesy, the very first people to know should be children of either parties, if any. If there aren’t any children involved, the most advisable people to tell first are your parents. Next would be your immediate families, while your close friends follow. After that, a public announcement would be fitting. That can be on social media, emails, or through the invitations themselves. Really, it’s your call on how you want to go about it!


Where do I even start?


With all the details to cover, it may be easy to not see the basics. The hardest but most crucial decisions include the date, the venue and the budget. Everything else revolves around those three decisions.


Do I need a wedding planner?


A lot of brides choose not to hire a wedding planner so they can add a personal touch to everything, making sure every detail is to their liking. If you aren’t too particular, you can handle it just like any other event. If you feel the planning may be too much, there’s no shame in getting a helping hand. On an added note, it may be helpful to ask family members how involved they could be in the wedding planning. Maybe your mother, the groom’s mother or maybe even the groom himself would want to take a more active role. Knowing this might affect your decision greatly.


Do people still RSVP for weddings?


While we may now conveniently tick off “Going” buttons on Facebook events without knowing if we’re really available, wedding RSVPs are a whole different thing. People tend to take wedding RSVPs more seriously. Rely on RSVPs sent through the post for your older relatives or friends. Sending email invitations for your more tech-friendly friends, family and colleagues should be enough for them to confirm their attendance. Given that, we still advice that you send them physical invitations for formality’s sake. Also, remember to set a deadline for their response so you don’t spend your planning days hunting your guests down.


If you’re just starting out the planning process, we’re sure these are just some of the multitude of questions in your head. Although your journey is surely gonna be a long one, we hope this list gives you a good start.

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