Hottest New Wedding Trends of 2016

1dd55f19de21992715f1a7573bbd65acWedding trends haven’t changed that much over the seasons. The rustic and authentic feel is still very prominent in wedding themes. It focuses on lush greens and flowers, and also some wood and burlaps. It also highlights the earthy and foraged look that could give any wedding a natural woodland or garden feel. Some wedding trends for 2016..



Greenery is still the rage in the wedding scene. It aims to create a tranquil environment perfect for a wedding. This is applicable in any venue, whether it is inside or outside. Garden weddings are a prime example, as well as woodlands. It was said that it would be the first choice for brides for the next few seasons. A woodlands theme would include lace, burlaps, and mason jars. Even indoors, couples have found a way to create a green space or bringing the outside inside in wedding language. It is rustic in a sense that the feel it brings alongside everything else just makes it seem simple and elegant, but managing to take your breath away. Greenery on walls, as centerpieces, bouquets, and more frequently now, even the cake.


Going hand in hand with the greenery trend, flower arrangements look foraged in nature. Bouquets and floral designs won’t be like the typical neat and well organized bouquets and designs. It would sometimes have the wildflowers look, aiming for a just-foraged-through-the-forest-and-found-these-flowers. Flowers are also arranged in cascade that mix in textures to create movements in the pieces, such as suspended florals. Other details such as berries, feathers, greenery, and sometimes even grass, gives an earthy look that is very natural but manages to be elegant still. Part of the trend is the different shades and palettes for the flowers, aiming to not focus on one flower as the hero.


Pastels play a big role in the rustic and vintage look. And although, it’s been here for a while, it still somehow gets somewhat ignored by using deep and rich colors. Mostly cause the colors of the past few years were always heading in that direction. Well Pantone’s picks for 2016 is steering us in another direction by releasing pantone colors of pastel pink and pastel blue. It is also much help in the rustic ideas as most of the time, rustic weddings opt for the simpler and more elegant colors that would suit nature and the greenery.



A new trend in weddings is the leaving of phones and gadgets either at home or upon request of the bride/groom to be surrendered to them. At this day and age, it is hard not to be glued to your phone or on social media 24/7. This hinders people from enjoying and being mentally there in the moment celebrating with their friends and the happy couple. This new trend is still perfectly aligned with all the other trends as it tries to go back to basic and the rustic. It is the cherry on top of the rustic feel that focuses on the simple and earthy theme.

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