How to get your guy involved in the wedding planning

shutterstock_341185097-How-to-get-your-guy-involved-in-the-wedding-planningYou don’t need to be Bridezilla to have a fight with the groom about wedding planning. Getting the groom involved in the details of such a big day is one of the most common causes of fights between engaged couples. This isn’t surprising, as many women tend to get behind the wheel regarding every detail. This causes the common misconception that men should just take the backseat.


The problem is that this isn’t what women want. Women are marrying their partners for life, so having them be an equal partner in the wedding planning process is great practice for their journey to forever. Here’s how to make those decisions a little bit easier with your man’s input.


Ask what he wants to do from the get-go


It’s best to play on your groom’s strengths and interests for the wedding planning. This decreases the chances of you having to nag him to make decisions. Does he like alcohol? Put him in charge of the bar menu. Is he interested in photography? Have him coordinate the prenuptial shoot and on-the-day concepts. Is he into graphic design? Let him make the wedding invitation samples.


If he’s not a creative, let him focus on the financials


Brides are more likely to be concerned with the big beautiful picture. Men who actively provide their artistic input on colors and flower arrangements are far and few. The budget handling is both a simple and huge part of the planning process, so it gives you great engagement points all throughout.


If neither works, food is the easy answer.


Not a lot of people can say that they don’t appreciate good food. This is one aspect of the wedding that you can easily get the groom to participate in. Make a date out of food tasting and choosing through caterers. Let him enjoy choosing through flavors and stuffing each other with cake.


Let him bring on the romantic stuff


If your man is better at expressing his feelings than you are, let him do the things that show it. Let him write his own vows. Put him in charge of choosing the music, and maybe even a short film showing your love story. Direct him to creative experts who can help him coordinate all the cute stuff for your big day.


Leaving him in charge of the honeymoon can be an amazing idea for you both, too. An opportunity to surprise you with something huge can be incredibly fulfilling for him and exciting for you.


Appreciate his opinions


This is probably the most important tip out of everything else. You have to remember that this is a big day for your groom, too. Even if he may not have a lot of opinions on the specifics or if he doesn’t voice them out so well, make an effort to hear it out and explore his ideas with you. If you really want him to get involved, make him feel like his involvement is appreciated. Show him that you really do love having him around for these big, important decisions.

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