Modern wedding etiquette trends for 2016

Modern wedding etiquette trends for 2016Time changes all things. Wedding trends are no exception. From the prim and proper weddings of decades past to the more relaxed and zanily themed weddings of the last few years, weddings have continuously evolved from one standard to the next.

Check out these wedding etiquette trends.


  1. Connecting with long-distance friends and family during the ceremony.


The dawn of the information age has brought so many people closer together despite living in different timezones. The world has gotten a lot smaller as more phones are connected to the internet, letting people enjoy video calls with their loved ones who are worlds away.


Most people have at least one important person in their life who lives a bit too far. these people aren’t likely to make it to the bride or groom’s special day, but that doesn’t mean they can’t meet halfway somehow. While it’s highly unorthodox to have someone on a video call during the ceremony, a quick call during the reception would be a great way to make sure they don’t miss out.


If you’re getting married, ask your long-distance loved ones if they can make it to your wedding. If not, offer them the option of being put on speaker phone and on the projector to say a few words during the reception.


If you’re unable to attend a wedding, get in touch with the bride or groom or even the wedding planner to see if you can greet the happy couple during the reception.


  1. Offering the newlyweds money instead of gifts they wouldn’t need.


Getting married is no cheap feat. From the gowns to the decorations, from the wedding planner to the caterer, from the florist to the photographer, there’s a lot to spend money on to make your dream wedding a reality.


Since most weddings will cost the newlyweds a pretty penny, a little bit of monetary support will go a long way. Gone are the days when you’re expected to gift the new couple a full set of silverware or a large collection of wine glasses. Nowadays, it’s greatly appreciated when the couple received money to help soften the blow to their bank accounts.


If you’re getting married, include a short but sweet note with your invitation thanking your guests in advance for any present they choose, but letting them know that cash would be greatly appreciated as well.


If you’re attending a wedding, it won’t hurt to check with the couple if a monetary gift would be acceptable.


  1. Respecting a device-free ceremony.


The internet is congested with articles about how society at large has become impersonal — friends eating out but everyone’s nose is buried in their touchscreen, family events where no one’s talking because everyone’s texting, and even live events where no one’s enjoying the show because they’re practically watching it on their smartphones. I’m not one to shun technology, but in this situation, the internet does have a point.


Having spent so much time preparing the wedding, it’s only reasonable for the couple to ask everyone to put away their phones before the ceremony begins. They would want everyone to experience this once in a lifetime moment, the culmination of all the love and time they put into their relationship.


If you’re getting married, you can have a sign that says “Please turn off all mobile devices during the ceremony” by the entrance, or have someone make an announcement before the ceremony begins.


if you’re attending a wedding, switch off your phone as soon as you walk in. Don’t be the guy whose phone rings while the bride is walking down the aisle.

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