Outlandish Wedding Cake Ideas for 2016 To Get Attention

Outlandish Wedding Cake Ideas for 2016 To Get AttentionOne of the most crucial things to plan for in a wedding is the cake. It has to go with your theme as well as fit the couple getting hitched. It is literally the icing on top of the wedding cake. It is both admired on the outside as well as on the yummy insides. Here are some outlandish wedding cake ideas for 2016 that is guaranteed to leave guests in awe:

Geometric shapes

Geometric patterns on cakes basically turns a cake into a décor. With its sharp angles and different patterns, nothing screams modern than shapes on your cake!

Painting on Cakes

Hand-painted cakes in a water color look is a great way to get your themes across on your cakes. Aesthetically, it blows the whole theme into greatness as It ties all of it together, especially when the graphics from invitations and decorations can be incorporated in them.

Gems and Crystals

Bakers are now skilled enough to recreate unbelievably real crystals and gems on cake. By using airbrushes and different techniques, the gems and crystals looks so life-like, you would almost think that they just stuck it on there.

Cake Trios, Quartets, and Quintet tables

Layered and tiered cakes are a thing of the past now, as this new trend takes every layer or tier and set them up in a long table individually and not stacked up. Scattering the cake tiers in a cohesive manner, even making the cake table into a dessert table with other treats to give it more flare. Cake tables are not only aesthetically pleasing, but it’s practical too, as it allows you to give more emphasis on your theme as well as having more than one cake flavor!

White on White

A rustic trend this year is having a clean and simple white wedding cake with plain buttercream, but adding texture on the icing. This could be done by decorating the icing with spatula marks making a texture on the otherwise simple cake.


Metallic are probably the biggest trend in wedding cakes right now. A metallic finish can do wonders for a cake, giving it some elegance that only silky metallic colors can give. Subtle, and not too over the top, hints of silver, bronze, and gold. You can even add saturated jewel tones and sequins for some art deco and 20s feel. Great Gatsby would be proud!


Naked Cakes

Since the rustic and vintage trend has yet to die down, naked cakes is a wedding trend that is here to stay a lot more longer! A naked cake is basically a stacked up tier cake with unfrosted sides that leaves only the filling icing to be longed for.


Floral Garlands

Cakes with flowers on them isn’t anything new, it is a wedding staple to say the least. But since greenery and woodland themes are wedding trends we can’t run away from this year, flowers in modern wedding cakes give off a more earthy and foraged feel. Flowers and garlands is now loose and free, and now even the branches and the leaves get a spot at the cake table!

Ganache Drip Cakes

Like the naked cake, Ganache drip cakes are tiered cakes of the same sizes but is sometimes covered with a layer of icing. The best part about it, though? Is the icing on top of the icing. Chocolate ganache is adorned on top by letting it overflow to its sides but only enough to leave streaks of chocolatey goodness around the sides of the cake.



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