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Should you or shouldn’t you take your pet to your wedding?

Should you or shouldn't you take your pet to your wedding?As most couples want their closest friends and family members with them to celebrate an occasion as special as a wedding, some include their pets now too! It’s not uncommon for people nowadays to treat their pets as if they’re their own children, so why should it be surprising for them to extend the same treatment when it comes to weddings? While including your furry friend may seem like a cute and sweet idea, there are some things that one should consider before having your pet see you walk down that aisle.


Getting clearance


The first thing to consider before planning your wedding with your pets’ attendance in mind is the logistics. Is the idea of including your pets to the wedding even possible? Presuming you prioritize the ceremony and the reception’s venues first, check if both, either or neither would allow pets in the vicinity. This helps you figure out what sort of involvement is even possible for your special loved one.


Besides getting clearance from the venues, check in with your guests if any of them would mind being with your pet for a little bit at the ceremony. Go one step further and see if most of them would be comfortable with the idea or if you may have guests that are allergic to your pets. The latter may not exactly be a deterrent, but it’s something to consider when planning.


Level of Engagement: Simple and Easy


You have to admit, it’s hard enough to get a child to follow basic instructions for a ceremony, let alone a pet. Unless your pet is extremely well trained (or at least, to the extent that you know that they follow instructions 100% of the time), there’s a chance they might not be able to impress you with some grand trick on the day. Accept that and plan a backup if they don’t pull through. Most owners acknowledge this and have their pets around merely as guests of the wedding, as it is the easiest option. Merely having their pets around is enough for a lot of pet owners.


Being a responsible pet owner


The most important thing to consider when making this decision is your pet’s wellbeing. Think about their personality type. Will they be able to handle being around so many people? Should you dress them up? Would they be comfortable in that cute wedding bow? If you really want them there but can’t confidently gauge how they would deal with the environment, consider hiring a pet sitter for the day so you can happily enjoy your celebrations with no worries.


Whether or not you choose to involve your pets in your special day, remember that the spotlight should be on the ceremony itself. How you choose to accentuate that is clearly up to you and whether or not that involves your furry friends is only your decision to make. Just remember that at the end of the day, you can come home to your pets and they love you regardless.







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