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Signs you’re with the one you’re going to marry

Signs you're with the one you're going to marry

Many people feel like they have it all figured out when it comes to relationships, however not many can answer how they would know if they’ve already met the one they’re going to marry. The thing is it really differs for everyone, however there are some good indications that someone could very well be your endgame.



  1. A huge factor affecting his happiness is yours


He doesn’t shrug it off when he notices that you turn away from him in bed instead of cuddling. No smile on your face at breakfast when you’re clearly a morning person? He immediately tries to comfort you before even asking what’s wrong.


He might be husband material if you start realizing that he doesn’t just try to make you happy for the sake of it, but because it really affects him too. He values your happiness so much that he can’t be fully at peace with himself if you aren’t. That’s love on a different level for you.



  1. You feel the need to share everything with him


It isn’t just the good times that you want with him, but even the bad ones too. That might sound a little bit too cliché but there’s so much truth in being able to stick it out through the highs and the lows. It’s a whole other thing entirely to want to.


It can vary from you wanting to rant to him about your annoying officemate or sharing your deepest fears in life. You feel the compulsion to share anything and everything under the sun with him.


  1. No games and no insecurities


You aren’t in that point in your life anymore where you think of the following:
“Am I texting him too much?”
“Am I staying over too often?”
“Does he not like certain things about me?”


Everything has settled and feels comfortable. No more wanting to hide your flab in bed or obsess over whether or not you’re moving at a good pace. You do what feels comfortable and you talk about what doesn’t. Sure there are still insecurities personally, but not in the relationship.


  1. You can agree to disagree


You don’t act like children. Your opinions that differ aren’t used to judge one another, but instead to understand each other more. The opinions that have bearing in your relationship, you find compromises for. You know that your goal when you fight isn’t to be the one that’s right all the time, but to just find what works best for both of you. There is no judgment and there’s always room to be open to one another.



  1. You are constantly growing with each other


You’re not afraid of ever being at a standstill with your significant other, because you just know it won’t happen. You push each other towards being better people, while also trying to be better for each other. Every experience becomes a learning experience and that doesn’t scare either of you. It excited you.


The key here is knowing when you’re growing apart or growing together; The latter takes a conscious effort, so anyone who’s willing to do it with you might just be the one.

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