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Ten Crazy “Wedding World Records” you won’t believe!

Doreen and George Kirby

Doreen and George Kirby

For most people, getting married by itself is one of the most craziest and note-worthy thing they could ever do in their lives. But for other people, a wedding is a chance to break a world record and make history. Here are some of them:

  1. Eastbourne couple from London, Doreen and George Kirby are the record holder for becoming the oldest couple to marry in aggregate age. They have a combined age of 194 years and 280 days. George was 103 and Doreen was 91.
  2. The world record for the Longest marriage was set by Herbert Fisher and Zelmyra from USA, who were married on 13 May 1924 in North Carolina, USA. They had been married 86 years, 290 days as of 27 February 2011, when Mr Fisher passed away
  3. In China, Lin Rong was dressed in a 2,162-meter-long wedding gown handmade by her groom’s family on her wedding day. She set the world record for the world’s longest wedding gown. It took more than 200 guests and more than three hours to completely unroll the dress.
  4. Five couples were able to break the record for the highest altitude wedding in a Fiji Airways A330. They broke the previous record of 40, 000 feet by raising it to 41,000 feet. The couples were chosen by Fiji Airways to mark their brand launch
  5. In Switzerland, the world record was set for the world’ first all diamond ring. The entire ring was carved from a single diamond, making up the ring itself and the supposed only diamond on top of it. It took a whole year to carve and copyright the all diamond ring. It was made by Shawish’s president and CEO Mohamed Shawesh. The ring is supposedly 150-carat and is expected to sell for $70 million.
  6. The world record for the most wedding vow renewals by one couple has been made by Mark and Denise Duffield. The two were winners of Runway Bride and Groom’s “Honeymoon Testers” competition. The two went to 10 countries in four continents renewing their vows 85 times. They renewed their vows in roller skates in Brisbane, knee-deep in a lagoon with a shark, floating in li-los, to mention some.
  7. Christa Rasanayagam got the world record for the largest wedding bouquet measuring 60.09 meters long and weighed about 92 kg. The bouquet was made up of 1,500 flowers including 500 roses, 400 carnations, 60 lilies, 200 daisies, and 340 baby breaths.
  8. The world record for deepest underwater wedding was set by Sandra Smith and Hiroyuki Yoshida in a cave at Song Hong Lake, Trang, Thailand. The two driving instructors tied the knot at 130m below the surface. They had to undergo 6 months of intensive training to prepare them to reach their goal. Their fellow divers acted as their ordained minister, best man, and second witness.
  9. The most expensive display wedding cake was set by Delicious Cakes, Dallas Gold and Silver Exchange, and Quest drape in Texas. They made a 9-tier wedding cake, wit silver dust icing and 1,200 carats worth of diamonds. It weighed at about 160 pounds and could serve 320 people. Each slice would cost $3,125.
  10. Amy and husband Alex Simmons killed two birds with one stone by breaking two world records with the size of their wedding party. Amy Ewing tied the knot today with a record number of helpers, 130 – but her groom refused to be outdone and had 103 ushers. The Simmonses won their record-breaking nuptials in a Facebook competition for the ultimate free ceremony, all of which donated by local companies.

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