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Ten of “The Bachelor” secrets you need to know and share

Screen-Shot-2016-01-14-at-7.58.24-PM-640x335Nowadays, there are so many shows and movies that show you an incredibly romantic path to true love. Cue the melancholic music and incredibly good-looking people (with little to no character flaws) and you’ve got yourself an unachievable love story.

It’s really easy to try to project yourself on these picture perfect couples. It’s worse if they’re in a reality TV Show, as they make it seem like it’s actually possible to achieve perfection. You know which show we’re talking about. On “The Bachelor”, every interaction seems like all sunshine and daisies, even the breakups! Thankfully, we’re now armed with contestant tell-alls that let us pierce the veil of TV magic. Here’s some of the secrets of “The Bachelor”, straight from the stars themselves.

  1. Group dates can be incredibly draining

The next time you call some girl rude when you see them acting like a grump at a group date, keep in mind that it goes on for the whole day. Previous contestant Emily Maynard shares that group dates start at nine in the morning and ends after midnight

  1. These girls are their own glam squads

The network does their hair and makeup for just the first episode and the finale. For every other time, these girls have to haul their own looks. Yes, that means even their outfits!

  1. Upside: The girls get free glam kits!

Once a girl officially moves in the mansion, the network gives them gift bag with a whole lot of great beauty products. This includes accessories, clothes and even bikinis!

  1. One-on-one dinners don’t exactly involve dining

When a couple goes on a one-on-one dinner date, no one actually eats the incredibly appetizing food on the table. The mic can pick up on chewing sounds, which isn’t exactly great for post-production. To solve that, everyone eats at the hotel before the dates.

  1. It’s a manipulated environment

It’s been revealed that the girls are encouraged to have a lot of alcohol. If that doesn’t seem odd, there’s a ban on computers, music, cellphones magazines and even books for the duration of the show, too.

  1. There are “dark days

Since those ceremonies end at around four in the morning, the girls usually get the day off for the rest of the day. On very few occasions, the girls are allowed to get their nails done or watch a movie.

  1. Keeping fit gets difficult

The mansion doesn’t have a gym, nor do the girls get provided with a trainer. This means they have to be a little more creative if they want to work out.

  1. There’s nothing else to do

It’s not surprising to realize that these girls become incredibly close during this whole ordeal. With very little forms of entertainment allowed, they end up just doing each other’s hair.

  1. The solo interviews that get edited in between scenes are done after filming said scene

The girls talk like they’re voicing out what they’re currently feeling, however they’re instructed to merely recall the situation and talk as if it’s happening at the moment. They’re even forced to look like how they did on that day!

  1. There’s some fine print on the engagement bling.

While some couples do break up, they’re given a pretty good incentive to work it out for a little bit. Couples have to stay together for at least two years to keep that Neil Lane diamond ring. Sounds like a romantic setup, doesn’t it?


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