Ten ways to sexually surprise your man on your wedding night

Ten ways to sexually surprise your man on your wedding nightThe reception’s over. You’ve just said goodbye to family and friends and you’re making your way to your hotel room as a newly married couple. No other night will ever be as special as your wedding night, so you want to make sure that the sex tonight will be one for the books.


Sex isn’t something you need to overthink, but if you’re in need of some inspiration, here are a couple of ways to sexually surprise your new husband on your wedding night:


  1. Have a private after-party for two


Most couples never actually get to eat the food at the reception. Arrange to have a small table for two in your room and have plates of food from the reception brought up. You can even have some champagne and chocolates to help you get in the mood for love.


  1. Relax and relieve the pressure


Weddings are, for the most part, an all-day affair. After a whole day of being on your feet, it would be a real treat to be able to unwind. Surprise your new husband with a drawn bath in your hotel room. Light some scented candles and take turns rubbing each other’s feet. That’s sure to raise the level of sensuality between you two.


  1. Build up the tension


One of the hottest things about sex is the anticipation. Build up the tension between the two of you by sneaking in a cheeky squeeze once in a while during the reception. Or maybe you can whisper naughty things in his ear while his best man is making a toast. Maybe it’ll be so unbearable that you have to excuse yourselves mid-celebration to “freshen up” with a quickie.


  1. Invest in some sexy underwear


Some people would insist that wearing underwear is sexier than nude. I don’t know about that, but sexy underwear definitely sets the tone for the night once the gown is off. Why not try a new pair of classic lacy underwear? Or maybe some kinky crotchless panties?


  1. Break out the toys


Toys aren’t just for kids. Start your married life with a fresh new experience. Order a toy you’ve never tried before and show him how you use it. If you’re feeling extra frisky, hand him the new toy and have him experiment with how it’s used.


  1. Change your scenery


An exciting new location will do wonders for your sex life. Start out small by trying new positions on different kinds of furniture. If you’re feeling frisky, get it on out on the balcony. Let the excitement take over, but take care not to break any laws.


  1. Take the lead


If you’re usually the type who likes laying back and letting him do the work, it’ll be a welcome change of pace if you took the reins tonight. Look at him straight in the eye while you playfully push him onto the bed and do what YOU want to him. Show him what it’s like to be with a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it.


  1. Share your fantasies and keep them in a box


We all have fantasies when it comes to sex. Most are harmless and not that exciting, but there are a few that we keep secret. Spend the night talking and trading fantasies. Discuss what fantasies you’d like to explore with each other and even ones you would have to pass on. Write them down and put them in a box. Any time you’re feeling adventurous, just draw one at random and get ready to expand your horizons.


  1. Get in touch with your childhood


There’s something to be said for staying young at heart. Just because you’re married adults doesn’t mean you need to let go of your childlike wonder. Set up a pillow fort or a blanket tent in your room. Decorate with fairy lights and fill your fort with pillows. Hang out with each other like best friends do, watching movies and eating junk food. Buy some edible paints and have a finger-painting/body-painting session. Enjoy. Laugh. Repeat.


  1. Create your own little world for just one night


What’s the easiest way to surprise him? Stay in your room for the whole night. Pretend that there’s nothing beyond your four rented bedroom walls. Lock yourselves in for the night and shut the world out. Don’t invite family and friends to your room. For now, it’s just the two of you. Be naked physically and emotionally, and let the world melt away for tonight. Let intimacy wash over you. Whatever happens in the future, this intimacy between the two of you is what matters.

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