The 10 things you need to know before shopping for your wedding dress

 The 10 things you need to know before shopping for your wedding dress.Dress shopping is one of the most fulfilling experiences of a bride. Many women spend a good chunk of the earlier part of their lives just imagining how they would look on that special day, however there are many things about its realities that every bride should know. Before you even make that appointment, make sure you’re fully equipped to handle looking for the dress of your life.


  1. Pinterest is a guide and not the gospel truth


Many brides make the mistake of obsessing over images they find on the internet and crafting the image of the perfect dress in their heads. While Pinterest images might be good tools to help you decide on what you want, it can easily set you up for disappointment as well.


  1. Your entire entourage doesn’t need to agree on your dress decisions


Many brides forget this and end up often thinking that everyone needs to love the dress she’s in – no exceptions. Fact of the matter is, you don’t need to please everyone. Your loved ones’ opinions matter greatly and you should hear them out, however yours is still what’s most important. If they don’t agree with what you like, don’t feel bad for going for it anyway.


  1. You don’t need the dress to be fitted to your wedding day weight goal.


Most brides don’t realize that dresses can often be adjusted up to four sizes down without adjusting the look of the dress at all. You should definitely still stick to your diet goals if that’s what you want, however it’s better to make the adjustments when they’re needed.


  1. Looking good for dress shopping changes the experience entirely


Putting on a little bit of lipstick and doing your hair on the day of your appointment can give you a better idea of what you might look like on the day itself. It’s best to make an effort so you can make decisions easier later on.


  1. You need to decide on your budget before you even look at a gown


Sticking to your budget means that you can cut down your options. At the very least, having a price range is the most useful thing you can do to help you narrow down your decision.


  1. Your dress is not the exception to the rules of your wedding’s theme


A lot of brides make the mistake of obsessing over every other detail, while treating dress shopping like it’s a whole other experience. You can’t have a beach wedding and still be in a huge, puffy dress. Keep that in mind.


  1. A lot of brides don’t have “that moment


You don’t want to miss out on buying the dress of your dreams just because you didn’t cry a little when you looked at yourself in the mirror. That emotional moment doesn’t happen to everyone. This doesn’t make the experience any less meaningful.


  1. Wedding gowns are not normal dresses. You can go out of the box and not stick to your usual styles.


Styles that you may never go for when shopping regularly may actually work for you in this instance. Wedding gowns often don’t have the regular fits and linings that normal dresses have. Consider going out of the box.


  1. Almost every gown needs altering after purchase


The gowns aren’t going to fit you perfectly during fitting. The key is really looking for a style that flatters you. This is also good to keep in mind when you work out your budget, as alterations cost money.


  1. Consultants need to know how you really feel


Consultants are there to make sure you find the perfect dress, and they’re not able to do that if you keep sugarcoating your opinions. Let your consultant help you by being honest.

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