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The Least Known Wedding Traditions


Touching Dance

An incredible amount of detail is always involved with weddings. Given that it’s a ceremony so symbolic, there are many little things that couples consider behind the veil of planning it all out. Among these things are wedding traditions integral to the meaning behind matrimony. Besides getting things that are old, new, borrowed and blue, there are others that are a little less known. We’re here to break down those traditions for you. We think you’ll agree that these traditions are a little less known for good reasons.

The Art of Ancient Cross-dressing

Through many ancient civilizations the act of cross-dressing for holy matrimony was practiced as a way to ward off evil spirits. I was an attempt to “confuse” and it was done exactly as you pictured it in your head. The brides are dressed as warriors and the grooms in bridal, of course. Not exactly the best way to fool evil spirits, but I suppose we’ll take their ancient word for it!

A proposal and wedding in one go

An old tradition in British Columbia had a simple way of determining which couples were to marry. If people today have mass wedding ceremonies (hundreds of couples getting married together), the ancient people of British Columbia had mass proposals and weddings! Through a ritual called the “touching dance”, single women would wear sashes and all the people would dance together. If a man were interested in marrying someone, they would hold on to her sash. Women could also take the sash away if they didn’t feel the same way, forcing the man to go away. By the end of it, the couples that are still “attached by sash” were then considered wed. Talk about efficiency!

Tears of Joy on a whole new level

The Tujia, an ethnic group in China, prepares for the sanctity of marriage with some serious cry sessions. This is the case for the women, at least. It starts with the bride as she cries for an hour everyday for a month preceding the wedding day. Ten days later, her mother joins her. As another ten days pass and her grandmother partakes in the ritual as well. This goes on until every female in the family is crying along with the bride. Together they’re meant to cry in an almost song-like manner, done in different tones. It’s done to symbolize joy for the upcoming marriage. So, do you still think your mother is a bit too dramatic?

Grounded Brides of Ireland

In some Irish weddings, one can observe how the bride is not allowed to lift her feet off the ground while she and the groom are dancing. This is because there’s a belief that if she does, evil fairies will come and literally sweep her away. We’re thinking this probably makes their choreography a little easier to figure out during rehearsals.

These are just some of the traditions around the world that gain a little bit less traction than others. Nonetheless, this only proves that there’s more than one way to make your ceremony symbolic, and it’s up to every couple to decide which ones truly reflect who they are and want to be in the future.

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