Tips for going to the bathroom in the wedding dress that will help you

Tips for going to the bathroom in the wedding dress that will help youBehind the fairytale wedding with the cake, flowers, all of those smiles and tears of joy, there is one thing that many brides don’t think about that poses a huge problem on their big day. This is going about the task of taking bathroom dress in their gorgeous wedding gowns.


The call of nature affects everyone. As much as you try to convince yourself that you’re a perfect princess with only pretty bodily functions, we sadly have to remind you that you still need to pee on your big day. Fear not, we’re here to tell you how you can fabulously take those bathroom breaks and come back as if nothing ever happened.


  1. Proactiveness over reactiveness: Pee before you put it on.


Needing to pee throughout the day is inevitable; however save yourself at least the trouble of peeing right after you put the dress on. You can try to time your bathroom breaks, but start by having one just right before you put on that dress. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself by making this decision.


  1. Get helping hands. Your bridesmaids are godsend.


Give your girls a heads up about this particular clause in the bridesmaid contract. It is the duty of your girls to help you lift up that big, poofy dress so you don’t drown in lace as you attempt to lift it yourself.


Most girls generally don’t mind helping the bride out with this daunting task. If you all don’t end up giggling in the stall together, the worse that they could do is look away anyway.


  1. The backwards straddle will save your dress


The backwards straddle was probably an art form perfected by brides since the invention of the modern toilet, as so many now-wives have recommended this technique. Instead if trying to lift the back of your skirt up and risking the material take a dip into the bowl, straddle the toilet from the front.


This means the back of your dress can just happily trail to the floor while you have the lift the dress from the front. This means you can actually see what part of the dress you’re still holding. No more worrying about what’s dipping into the bowl!


  1. Your Number One Tool: The Trash Bag


The trash bag trick is new and requires a little bit of preparation for it to be efficient. This is extra convenient if you have a bathroom or stall that is dedicated for your use only. Take a normal trash bag and cut a hole at the very end. The holes should be a little big bigger that the width of your hips. Stash as many of these crafted trash bags as you need in the bathroom stall.


The trick here is to use the trash bag as a dress holder. Step into the bigger hold of the trash bag and then stuff the dress into the bag as you lift it up slowly, lifting up your dress in the process. This ensures that every bit of your dress is held up and that you’re ready to answer the call of nature!

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