Ten lesser known wedding tips you need to read before your wedding

Ten lesser known wedding tips you need to read before your weddingWhile your wedding may be one of the most amazing and memorable days of your life, it can just as easily be the most stressful as well. While this may be a daunting thought, you shouldn’t be too stressed out about it. There are many ways to ensure you breeze through that special day with a smile on your face and nothing but good memories to take home. Alright, maybe a whole lot of cake and gifts as well! To better prepare yourself, take heed in some nuggets of wisdom that not everyone tells you before your big day.


  1. Spend only on the important things.


The “important things” differ greatly from person to person. Think of five things (at most) that you absolutely cannot go cheap on, and then stick to that. If you’re a big foodie and your future spouse is a huge photography geek, then maybe sacrificing that lavish venue is worth some amazing food and great photographers to document your day.


  1. Decision-making: Be firm, but gentle.


You might feel a little too pressured to please everyone when you plan your wedding. One thing to keep in mind that this is your day and that you’re allowed to be selfish. Make it clear to all parties involved that even though their opinions are always valued, it’ll always be your decisions to make at the end of the day.


  1. Talk to your photographer before your wedding day.


This is especially important if you want your photos to be absolutely perfect. Look up some wedding photos on the Internet that you want to emulate. Coordinate with your photographers and see if they could make it happen. Better yet, see if they’ve covered weddings before and check out what you want to recreate from there.



  1. Schedule time with your spouse in the middle of your wedding day.


For a whole day dedicated to binding the two of you for a lifetime, there isn’t really much time dedicated to just the two of you. Weddings are hectic and the couple attends to everyone but each other. Schedule time in the middle of the ceremony and the reception to just bask in each other.


  1. Be brutal when you make that guest list.


Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so make sure to only include important people. Including everyone in your life is tempting, but who do you really want to see in those photos when you look back at them decades from now?


  1. Weddings are best when they’re off-season.


Off-season weddings make sense. Venues are cheaper. People are more available. Really, this is a tip that should be more obvious to everyone. June brides are passé.


  1. Splurging on the wedding gown isn’t for everyone.



A bride can look just as beautiful in a vintage gown as she would in a Versace custom. It all just depends on how the gown is worn. Don’t be pressured into buying an expensive gown. Save back and make dress shopping more memorable with a simple gown, if that’s your taste.


  1. Let someone else hold your phone on your wedding day.

The amount of people who will try to call you to wish you luck and text to ask for directions will surprise you. Have the best man and the maid of honor handle everyone buzzing your phones. It’ll save you a ton of stress.


  1. No one actually cares about wedding favors, so don’t bother.


Wedding favors are really only a big deal to the people planning the wedding. Unless you’re giving away iPads, most guests really don’t care. Save yourself the trouble and the money.


  1. Eat as much as you can before the ceremony.


This is going to be one of the busiest days of your life. Before you even meet up and get ready with your entourage, try to get the caters to bring you the food from the wedding and eat until your heart’s content. You’ll thank yourself later.

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